How to create a Booteable USB on Windows using Command Line


This tutorial is for how to create a Bootable USB in all windows Operating Systems. Here is are the steps to follow to do it:

  • First Step is to Open the command prompt (CMD): Go to Windows Search Bar and type cmd then Hit enter.
  • Next in the Command Prompt run diskpart by typing diskpart and then hit enter. (this is program is available from Windows XP, Vista and W7 is to create and remove partitions from a disk).
  • Click Yes to run diskpart Program.

You will see the DISKPART program running like shown image.

  • Now Execute the list disk command by typing it and then hit enter, this command lists the disks available on the system, and is used to see what the corresponding number is for the USB drive.
  • Run the command select disk X (where X is the disk number of the USB drive).


  • Then Execute in the following order, the commands:


  1. clean
  2. create partition primary
  3. select partition 1
  4. active
  5. format fs=fat32
  6. assign
  7. exit
  • Now your Done creating a Bootable USB using the command prompt on windows.
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