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Version 1.0 | May 1, 2021

For the optimal functioning of this app, it is necessary to collect and process certain information obtained from the device on which it has been installed. This information allows us to improve the app, adapt the content optimally for each user or contact the user if necessary. To demonstrate that we care about the privacy of our users, we have adopted this Privacy Policy, which explains, in understandable and easy-to-understand language, how we collect, store, use and disclose the information that users entrust to us.

These Privacy Policies try to cover as many scenarios as possible, even in many cases in which the app does not even collect or process the information described in these Privacy Policies.

    This application collects the information necessary for the normal operation of our activity. This App DOES NOT collect personal information for malicious purposes.

The app does NOT secretly collect information such as your name, surname, telephone, email, etc. If in any case the app needs any of this data, it will explicitly request it.

    The App can collect information of two types: (1) non-personal and anonymous information collected automatically or (2) personally identifiable information (PII) collected manually after the user’s consent.

Non-personal information collected automatically

Technical information, which includes certain information or characteristics about the operating system, including the type of operator or the type of browser you use, the Internet Protocol (IP), the IP address, and the names and versions of the applications installed on the device, the geographical location of the device (including GPS coordinates). Said technical information such as the one mentioned above remains anonymous, that is, it does not identify you personally nor is it stored associated with any other information that links it to the user himself, unless the user voluntarily enters additional information.

This information will be used to improve the application, learning how, when and where the user navigates through it.

Information that the user freely provides

If at any time the app requests Personal Identification Information (PII) that allows us to contact it, such as name or mobile phone, the user will be free to offer such information. Nevertheless:

If you share your PII in an open format (for example, through social networks), the information we obtain will not be protected by this privacy policy.
The IIP will not include any type of information collected by the application by any means other than this application in which the privacy policy appears. This means that the information collected in any other place than this application is not covered by this Privacy Policy. It should be noted that, if in any case the app offers links to other applications, we are not responsible for the content, activity or information that takes place in them.
Personal information will be considered:

Demographic information such as age or day of birth, nationality, educational level, gender, interests or qualities.
User Information such as username and password, confidential answers to certain security questions, or similar information that allows us only to identify your account or authenticate it before giving personal information about the user’s account.

Most of this data can be obtained when the app offers a social registration functionality and the user accepts the registration in the app through a social account. In some cases, the app is automatically registered with the user’s social account associated with the device and the user agrees to extend said registration by using this app.

    This application does not collect personal information from children under 13 years of age. We take children’s privacy seriously, and we encourage parents to play an active role in their children’s online education at all times. Children under the age of 13 should not install our application on any device that belongs to them and, if they do, it will be under the full responsibility of their parents or guardians. In the event of obtaining personal information from a person under the age of 13, we will take steps to remove the information provided from our server. In the event that the content of this application has received a rating of suitable for children under 13 years of age, it should be installed exclusively on devices belonging to their parents, guardians or anyone over 13 years of age. If the application.
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